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Take a moment to consider what will happen to your Facebook content and other Social Media activity when you’re no longer around to manage them.

In theory, it’s possible that either all of the content will remain available, for future generations to view and to make judgements about you forever. Or that the owners of social media platforms will decide which content, if any, remains online. Or even that all content, everything, is removed and lost as it's too expensive for them to store. Pinfinty gives you control of these decisions now, before it's too late.

Pinfinity is your Digital Memory Box. A record of your life’s events and achievements for future generations to enjoy and learn from. A reflection of your life as you wish it to be remembered. Pinfinty allows you to select and store social media 'Memories' of people, places, events and moments.

Connect with Pinfinity Friends to save memories that you share and comment on each other’s choices to build up a picture of your family and social network. Your ancestors can use Pinfinity to build a more complete story behind their Family Tree.

Take control of your Digital Legacy today, Pinfinity - Your Forever Begins!

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It’s ready! Pinfinity, the next step in social media, is now ready and we would like to invite you to be one of the first people to try it. Pinfinity is totally free to use and it allows you to take control of your digital legacy by saving the moments from social media as memories that will be kept forever as a record of your life. Be part of this next step and request your invitation today by submitting the form below.


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What is Pinfinity?

Pinfinity is the digital footprint that you will leave behind after you’ve gone. A record of your life’s events and achievements for future generations to enjoy and learn from. A reflection of your life as you have decided you want to be remembered.

Who will be able to access my Pinfinty Memories?

Using our Privacy Settings you can decide whether your Memories remain private to you, can be seen by only your Pinfinity Friends, or are open for all Pinfinity users to enjoy. You can then decide what will happen to your Pinfinty Memories after you’re gone and who can see and access them. Make things easier by giving your PinPal your account to manage according to your wishes.

How safe is my data?

We make commercially reasonable efforts to protect against loss, misuse, and alteration of your personal information that is under our control. To protect the confidentiality of your personal information, we take appropriate security measures (including physical security measures) and we operate secure data networks protected by industry standard firewall and password protection systems. We follow generally accepted standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we have received it. Please be aware that despite these precautions, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure.

Who will be able to view my Pinfinity profile?

Your profile can only be viewed by your Pinfinity Connections. You can invite people to join you directly from your Facebook Friends list and others can invite you too, but your profile and memories can only accessed by those you have allowed to in the Privacy Settings.

How does it work?

Pinfinty allows you to select and store social media 'Memories' of people, places, events and moments. Pinfinity automatically imports your Updates directly from Facebook and then you can choose to save them to a Memory Board or discard them.

What happens to the Updates which I don’t Pin to a Memory Board?

As in real life memories, as your Updates get older they will begin to fade, before disappearing from Pinfinity altogether. This ensures that only the memories which you have opted to save are kept. You don’t have to wait for them to fade though, as they can be dropped from your Memory Wall whenever you want.

I have some great pictures on Instagram, can I bring them across to Pinfinity?

At the moment Pinfinity can only import content from your Facebook page but we’re already developing the integration of other Social Media. You’ll also soon be able to upload scans of old photographs and important documents to keep as well as other digital photos and videos. Once you’ve set up your Pinfinity profile, we’ll keep you up to date with all the new developments.

How can I connect Pinfinty with Friends and Family?

Pinfinity encourages you to select only your closest family and friends to be invited to help build your memories. Once you are Pinfinity Friends, their Facebook Updates will appear in a second Memory Wall for you to select which ones you want to save to your own Memory Boards. Your Updates will also appear on their Pinfinty Friends Memory Wall for them to save if they wish.

How much information can I store?

Storing memories in Pinfinty is completely free up to a certain level of data. After this you can purchase more storage space if you wish to do so.

What will happen to my Pinfinity Memories when I'm gone

Your Memories will remain exactly how you left them. However your Pinfinity friends will be able to continue to post comments.